Manuel Reef Rules & Regulations

Clean docks at Manuel Reef Marina.

We respectfully ask that you abide by the following:

  1. The Rules of the Road and Navigation Laws of United states apply in B.V.I. waters.
  2. Vessels may not be careened or have bilges discharged in the marina.
  3. All jetties are to be kept free of obsruction at all times.
  4. Vessels must be kept in good condition. Manuel Reef Marina reserves the right to inspect, move or resecure vessels.
  5. Heads are not to be discharged at the dock. 
  6. Laundry is not to be hung on boats or jetties.
  7. No generators are to be run between 7pm and 7am.
  8. Loose halyards are to be secured when in the marina.
  9. Subleasing of dock space is not permitted.
  10. Children and pets are to be kept under proper control at all times.
  11. No barbecues or other open flame/fuel appliances are to be used above deck while in the marina.
  12. No shouting or loud singing in the marina area. Musical instruments, recordings and radios may be played only at low volume and not above deck.
  13. Absolutely no trash is to be placed or left on docks and/or marina property.
  14. All accounts are to be settled before leaving. Owners for their own convenience should leave a forwarding address.
  15. Violation of these rules, or the disorderly, indecorous or criminal conduct by any owner, his crew or guests on his vessel that is likely to cause injury, damage or loss of reputation to the marina, may result in termination of a vessel's stay.

We thank you in advance for making Manuel Reef a premium choice!


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